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Alan Jones is an internationally renowned reporter on the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres in all media and extensively travels all over the world to cover the making of movies in production. He was the sole London correspondent for the seminal American magazine 'Cinefantastique/CFQ' from 1977 (when he interviewed the entire STAR WARS cast and crew) to its final 2005 issue. During the past 30 years he reviewed every genre release for Great Britain's 'Starburst'. He is currently a film critic for ‘Film Review’ and the 'Radio Times'. He provided over 2000 capsule reviews for the ‘Radio Times Guide to Films', the ‘Radio Times Guide to Science Fiction’ and ‘Halliwell’s Film Guide’. Other magazines and newspapers he has written for include 'Empire', ‘Fangoria’, ‘Total Film’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘The Dark Side’, 'Heat', 'GQ', 'Vogue', 'FHM', 'Preview', 'Shivers', 'Femme Fatales', ‘DVD Review’, 'The Independent', ‘The Guardian’ and 'Premiere'.

The Continental magazines he has written for include 'Estreia' (Portugal), 'Segno Cinema', ‘Nocturno’, (Italy), 'Vendredi 13', 'Starfix' and 'L'Ecran Fantastique' (France). Alan edited the seminal free magazine ‘Film Guide’ for two years. He has researched and written numerous programmes for television (Channel 4, Sci-Fi Channel, SKY Movies) and two Film Four documentaries on the Italian horror directors Mario Bava (‘Maestro of the Macabre’) and Dario Argento (‘An Eye for Horror’). ‘Maestro of the Macabre’ was nominated for a Montreux TV Festival Rose Award.

Alan contributed to the 'I Love the 70s' BBC documentaries talking about Punk T-shirts (which he was arrested for wearing at the height of the Anarchy in the UK frenzy) and Disco music in the summer of 1976. He appeared in the VHI ‘Behind the Music’ documentaries on ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘1977’, the BBC documentaries ‘The Day Britain Turned Disco’ and ‘The Story of…I Will Survive’ and the Granada documentary ‘When Disco Ruled the World’. Other film related programmes he has appeared in include Channel 4’s ‘The Top 100 British Box Office Hits’, Five’s ‘Van Damme – The Muscles form Brussels’ and the Sci-Fi Channel’s ‘Hitchcock’. He has also made television appearances in Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Finland and Russia. He has been a member of the critic's jury at the world famous Sitges, Fantasporto, Paris, Rome, Trieste and Avoriaz fantasy festivals. In 2003 he programmed and presented the ‘Brit-Invaders’ strand at the SciencePlusFiction Festival in Trieste. On behalf of the SciencePlusFiction Festival he has filmed interviews with Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOOMSDAY) and Ray Harryhausen (JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, ONE MILLION YEARS BC) for their film history documentary programme.

After co-presenting the legendary 'Shock Around The Clock' festival in London, and 'Fantasm' at the National Film Theatre, is now co-organiser of the ‘Film4 FrightFest'. As part of the 'Fantasm' festivals he conducted ‘The Guardian’ lectures with Oscar-winning cinematographer and director Freddie Francis and Italy's premier genre director Dario Argento. He also hosted a special VALLEY OF THE DOLLS night and interviewed star Barbara Parkins on the NFT stage. Other Q&A sessions he has hosted include director Danny Boyle and the headline cast of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, Guy Maddin (THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD), Park Chan-wook (LADY VENGEANCE), Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK). Robin Hardy (THE WICKER MAN) and Richard Kelly (DONNIE DARKO). He has acted in the movies THE ERRAND, THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL SWINDLE, TERROR, TALOS THE MUMMY and SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

His reminiscences about his close friend Sid Vicious formed the basis of director Alex Cox's screenplay for SID AND NANCY and he has spoken about his association on TV (Sky’s ‘The Last 24 Hours of…Sid Vicious’), on radio (‘My Way: The Sid Vicious Story’) and on film (WHO KILLED NANCY?). He has written the books: 'Mondo Argento', 'Nekrofile', the critically acclaimed 'Saturday Night Forever: The Story of Disco' published in Britain, Italy and America in numerous editions, the Rondo award nominated Profondo Argento’, the bestselling ‘The Rough Guide to Horror Movies’, ‘The FrightFest Fearbook’ and ‘Tomb Raider: The Official Companion’. For Paramount Pictures he also wrote the tie-in magazine for ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life’.  Alan also contributed chapters to the books 'The BFI Companion to Horror', 'Zombie', 'Femmes Fatales', ‘Eyeball’, ‘Brian De Palma Interviews’, 'Shock Xpress Volume 1 & 2' and ‘Clive Barker’s Shadows in Eden’.

Alan is currently writing ‘Clockwork Fables: The Fantasy Worlds of Guillermo del Toro’ with the complete co-operation of the writer/producer/director behind the hit movies PAN’S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY, CRONOS, BLADE II, THE DEBIL’S BACKBONE, HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY, MIMIC and the highly anticipated THE HOBBIT. To be published 2010 by FAB Press.

The book 'Vacant' by Nils Stevenson featured a whole chapter on Alan and his importance in the punk phenomenon when he deejayed for the Sex Pistols and worked with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood in her shop 'Sex'. He is also quoted at length or featured in the books 'Vivienne Westwood: A Biography' by Jane Mulver, 'England's Dreaming' by John Savage, 'I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol' by Glen Matlock. ‘Vicious, Too Fast To Live…’ by Alan Parker, ‘Not Abba: The Real Story of the 1970s’ by Dave Haslam and ‘Punk’ by Stephen Colegrave and Chris Sullivan. In 2000 he toured University town cinemas with director Julien Temple to answer questions on the Sex Pistols documentary THE FILTH & THE FURY. He has also served as a regular film critic for BBC News 24, Talk Radio, 'Front Row' on BBC radio and the SKY News programme Sunrise. Alan is also a part-time unit publicist working in that capacity on NOSTROMO with Claudia Cardinale, BEFORE SUNRISE with Ethan Hawke and PROTEUS with Craig Fairbrass. He has also written the production notes for countless movies, the most recent including EDEN LAKE, TORMENTED, SALVAGE and THE DESCENT 2.